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How Gift Giving Helps us Build Strong Relationships 

Gifting is an important part of growing and sustaining healthy relationships with our families, friends and significant other. It demonstrates the real care and love we feel to the recipient. In relationships, gifts are a true demonstration of our feelings and romantic interest to our partners.

Throughout history, gifting has been considered a culture that helps us navigate different traditions and standards to produce the best-desired outcome. There are many gift ideas available, each of which suits and is perfect for a particular occasion. Below is an insight (contribution from the gifting folks at into how gifting helps us establish good relationships with others.

1. It Creates Mutual Respect

Regardless of whether your gift is meant for an occasion that is diplomatic, business or romantic in nature, respect is the key to a positive outcome. Giving the right gift communicates that we have high regards for the receiver and that we hold them in high esteem. It is therefore important to ensure that all gifts we give match the occasion perfectly; this is an accurate reflection of the relationship.

2. Establishing Trust

This is no secret- a stable relationship is based on trust. When two parties are building a relationship, gifting is customary. A perfectly crafted gift establishes trust and communicates thoughtfulness and sense of who we are. When someone approaches us with gifts, we strengthen the current relationship by building more confidence and understanding. Apart from the underlying message of trust, the gifting process creates a friendly, positive environment that allows a more open exchange of ideas.

3. Celebrating the Culture

Gift giving is absolutely necessary for many cultures, especially in some social situations. It is therefore imperative to understand the culture we are engaging in and what gifts they value -it helps us communicate that we share the same values.

However, on the global scale, especially in the corporate world, it is important to ensure our gifts match our status and go above expectations. For instance, as an organization manager, you can hire a trustworthy housekeeping service to clean your employees’ homes every fortnight. Such a gift will alleviate the daily stress for your staff and spouses, which is far much more meaningful than stocking the break room a cheesy catalog and craft beers.

4. Expressing Gratitude Through Appreciation Gifts Has a Greater Impact

Gifting is the most common way of articulating our appreciation for someone’s achievement. Gifting creates a visual remembrance of our words- with timeless beauty and resonance, the right gifts evoke powerful emotions even decades later; they demonstrate our praise in the life beyond the point of giving.
A great idea is giving better, yet personalized gifts. Come up with a gift based on something you are good at; whether it is painting, writing, computers, and technology- make a personalized gift. Knit a scarf, design a shirt, make a photo album or upgrade a computer program as an appreciation gift.

5. Expressing Feelings and Letting Them Know They Are On Your Mind

It is difficult to express some feelings through word due to likely embarrassment or misunderstanding the message. However, the aspect of gifting ensures that our message is received properly. As well, giving our loved ones something they highly appreciate creates and leaves a powerful impression. It lets them know that we care and think about them. For those in love, it demonstrates your thoughtful side hence creating more romantic feelings between you and your partner.

6. Create a Smile

Gifts, even those that seem small usually end up delighting the receiver. The shared happiness we experience brings us closer hence strengthening our relationships. Through the gifting process, our messages are received with the greatest clarity. Gifts such as movie tickets, clothing, lunch, baked goods, evening coffee or stationary leave long lasting memories which are a treasure to the receiver.

7. Gifts Are a Subliminal Reminder

Gifts create a powerful memory for both parties as they become a part of the relationship. These positive memories make our relationship with others strong by bringing us closer together. Your significant other will never forget the precious gifts you offer and the thought behind them. The right gift is a subliminal reminder of the bond formed between two parties. As part of the constant recognition of events and relationships, gifts remain an invaluable treasure.

home decor trend 2017

6 Latest Home Decor Trend in 2017

With most of us living in our homes, it is imperative for us to keep abreast of the latest trends to ascertain beauty in the space. The social media and technological advancements being experienced in the world today have made it even simpler for interior designers to adopt the latest international trends for this purpose.

Whether you are planning for a house upgrade or moving into a new block, the interior design of your home is always a crucial consideration you need to make. In the piece below, we discuss some of the latest interior decors available to redefine your home`s appearance.


Back in the 80s, these tiles were mostly used for border purposes. Their warmth retention capacity and woody-like nature made them fit for that use. But as the days are passing, new inventions on additional uses for the tiles are continuing to crop up. Today, you will find them well fixed in fire cladding places and bathrooms thanks to their suitable match with these settings. The tiles carry the authentic matte finishing which makes them the best fit for these environments.

Cork Finishing

At one time or another, you might have come across the cork finishing used in most interiors be it the houses in the movies or hotels. Undoubtedly, the beautiful nature of such décor can’t go without recognition. In 2017, designers have made the dream of incorporating the finishing in your homes come true. More to adding texture to the space, the stylish material as well helps retain warmth and absorb noise. When blended with stone tops, it can as well easily match for use in coffee tables. Soon, this style will be easily complemented on the office`s walls thanks to their ease of fixing wall notes.

Dark Green Color

In the past, bright colors happened to be very popular in adding glamor to the interiors of a home. But things have certainly changed, and people are now adapting duller shades. The dark green color, for instance, lures well in the bedroom setting and helps a lot in the creation of wintery scandi in tan leather and easily matches with the linen and lighting in the rooms. More to painting it on the walls, the shade can as well suit appropriately if added on the beddings or better still on specific furniture.

Upholstered Bedhead

This is a typical setting mostly in celebrity houses or five-star hotels. To most people, getting such designs on their bed is a dream come true. However, this 2017, interior designers are making it happen. From the button accessorized neutral color design to plush velvet models, all these are at your disposal. These have come as a great replacement for the wood bed frames that from the past dominated the bed`s market. The invention not only leads to comfort during bedtimes but as well assures liveliness in the bedroom.

Escapism Rooms

The increasing technological boom that has sufficed the world today calls for homes with nooks to help you unwind. This is the mother of invention for escapisms. Most of the times are spent in front of the computer and hence a moment away from the digital distractors could be highly appreciated. The sole purpose of such development is to help create a haven of calmness in our livelihoods. A great combination with comfortable sofas, love sits, Icelandic and floor cushions makes the rooms even more tranquil.

Jewel Tones

Today, pink and blue pastel shades are basking in the sun with prominence, but sooner than later gem turns with metal, stars and clouds will overtake them. From fresh cut quartz to opal and Lucite metals all these will help add some touch of interest and sparkle in the room. For those who need to add a romantic touch to these settings, combining x-ray fabrics, floaty silks or better still transparent fabrics are always a workable trick.


For a long time now, night stands have played key roles in accessorizing the homes. But of late major modification on the bedside tables have been made. The stands not only add the space in the bedroom, but help add a touch of elegance to the interior.

Choosing a matching color is always advisable to help increase the beauty brought forth by the stand. The above-listed decors are among the many trends you can assimilate in your interior to make them an envy for many.